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Little Women

Continental Exchange by [archiveofourown.org profile] Snacky
Beth lives! Jo marries Laurie! it is the Little Women AU OF MY HEART. <333


The Raven Cycle

But to return, and view the cheerful skies by [archiveofourown.org profile] Philipa_Moss
Adam and Ronan miss each other. Oh boys.


Six of Crows

traveling songs by [archiveofourown.org profile] crookedverite
When Inej woke later, startled awake by the scrape of rope against her wrists, she looked across to find his hands gripping hers in his sleep. The sight of their fingers tangled together made her want to weep, or scream, or laugh. Here were two of the deadliest people in the Barrel, holding onto each other in the middle of the night like children afraid of monsters under their bed.

Those children had died a long time ago. They had become monsters themselves and raged wars because of it. But Inej had learned from her years on the Wraith that even the sea, great and furious and wild as it was, grew calm. It ebbed and flowed under the call of the moon. It lulled into soft pushes and pulls.

Was this how you learned to love being a monster? by holding another monster between your hands like they are walls, like you might fall apart if you let go?
Inej returns to Ketterdam, harder and darker after three years at sea, but she and Kaz find their way back to each other anyway.

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Backup by [archiveofourown.org profile] MollyC
Clint POV on meeting Bucky when Natasha sends him to back up Steve. Aw heart.


Little Women

strange familiars by [archiveofourown.org profile] arbitrarily
Jo and Laurie reunite in New York. OTP OF OTPS. *happy sigh*

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Friday Night Lights

Keep the Breaks at Bay by [archiveofourown.org profile] samalander
"You asked me to come, I'll come," Eric says. These boys and their doubt. Like they don't know he loves them as much as they love him. Like they have no clue how much he cares. Smash has a request for Coach Taylor. Oh my heart. This is a lovely snippet of the future for both of them.


Little Women

Words by [archiveofourown.org profile] innie
AU where Laurie convinces Jo to run off to Washington to see Mr. March, and kissing ensues. <333


The Goblin Emperor

Betrothal Negotiations by [archiveofourown.org profile] atheilen
The Emperor's nohecharei never leave him alone.

The Emperor's bride has her own thoughts on the matter.

Csethero makes life a little easier (and more interesting) for herself and Maia. Lovely.

Learning the Rules by [archiveofourown.org profile] Brigdh
Maia learns to play chess. oh heart.

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Little Women

Beth Finds the Palace Beautiful by [archiveofourown.org profile] Snacky
Little Women in SPAAAAAAAAAAACE! No, really, and not as a parody. Works amazingly well to translate the March family story to a futuristic setting, with a perfect Beth voice.

On Tops of Mountains by [archiveofourown.org profile] Maidenjedi
Jo considered her captor. "If I wrote this scene, the heroine would be forced to kiss the villian in order to escape."

Laurie shrugged. "If you wrote this scene, the heroine would kiss the villian only to discover he was, in the end, her hero."

"Not likely, if I were true to the tale playing out here."

Laurie feigned hurt. "You wouldn't know your hero if he was right in front of you, milady?"

She shook her head again, another pin flying loose. "I have no hero, for I am in need of none."

Laurie had to kiss her then. Her muffled surprise faded, and her hands went slack in his.

He broke the kiss first, and Jo's eyes remained closed. "Um...Teddy....we...."

Her face was soft, and he was surprised at himself, at her. It hadn't come of anything, he thought firmly, determined not to fall into romanticizing something Jo would likely rather forget. Teddy, we must not, was surely what came next.
Oh, this is what I've always wanted for Jo and Laurie. Really lovely story of their romance. *sniffle*



A Good Many Sparrows by [archiveofourown.org profile] sundancekid
For as long as Poly could remember, Uncle Charles Wallace has been a mystery. He appeared occasionally, staying for a few weeks, and then disappearing again, maybe for years. Her parents wouldn't tell her where he went when he was gone, or when he'd be back, or where he lived, or what he did for a living. He wouldn't tell her any of those things either; he never told her how long he'd visit, he never promised he'd see her soon. This is a beautiful story I never realized I needed. Charles Wallace visits his family after Joshua dies, and Poly (and I) take solace in his presence. Oh my heart.



Calling to the wind by [archiveofourown.org profile] leaflitter
Really lovely look at Tenar and her daughters and granddaughter.

The Morning Wind Upon the Sea by [archiveofourown.org profile] elle_dritch
'Was I always that something else?' Irian says with an urgency she did not anticipate within herself. 'Could it have ended differently? Do things ever change?'

Ged blinks. 'Some things,' he says slowly, 'are unchanging, I thought: the sea, the sun, the wind that moves the grass around us. And yet, the sea moved and Soléa was lost, the dry land is green once more, and the doors of Roke are open. And that, I am told, was your doing. Yes, Irian, I think things change, but we must husband that change along. Little use if we plant the seed and fail to tend to it.'

'And must I be the seed and the farmer too then?'

'Orm Irian, I am an old man on a farm that yields nothing but hard work and rebellious goats. It is not for me to tell you what you should do: a Dragon Lord is one whom dragons will speak with, not someone who can command dragons, eh? A pretty fix we'd be in if some fool tried to leash dragons.'
Absolutely gorgeous story of Tehanu and Orm Irian coming back to Gont after some time on the other wind.

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Devil's Cub - Georgette Heyer

The Grand Manner by brutti_ma_buoni
A miscreant had inveigled himself into the space behind her, quite undetected. She startled as his arms clasped her firmly round the waist. / "I cannot see your face, but I trust, sir, that you are my affianced husband? If not, I fear your lifespan will be sadly curtailed within a brief time. I have yet to convince my lord that his violent impulses should sometimes be controlled." / The miscreant laughed in her ear. Mary shivered at the contact of even that slight breath of air. And his arms were still around her. / "Have done, wench. You know perfectly well it is I. And you may save the lectures for after we're safely wed, my dear." Wonderfully funny and sharp look at Mary and Vidal (and Avon and Leonie) at their betrothal ball. really captures the characters and the narrative voice of the book, and I do love the way Mary handles Vidal, and also Avon's soft spot for her and his family.

Her Grace by girlyswot
Mary tries to comfort Vidal in his grief over Avon's death. Lovely.


Little Women

Sonatas and Nocturnes by Ishyko
The ending Little Women should have had, with Jo going to Paris and hooking up with Laurie again. And being allowed to be her brilliant, practical, melodramatic self. ♥


Big Bang Theory

The Cheap Trick Acceleration by Liviapenn
Penny racks her brain for the next twenty miles, trying to think of a subtle way to bring up the topic of meeting your time-traveling future self, or being sent on a mission to avert an apocalypse-related death. Finally she tells herself Forget it, Penny, it's Nerdtown. Sheldon and Leonard have weirder conversations six times a day. Sometimes before breakfast. Sometimes over Twitter. Absolutely note-perfect story in which future!Sheldon comes back in time to get Penny and current!Sheldon to realize their destiny. Hilarious and awesome. I love how smart Penny is in this, and how much nerdery she's picked up from the guys. ♥


Dirty Dancing

A Real Grown-Up Name by fairy_tale_echo
*sniffle* This story paints a bright, hopeful, activist future for Baby and Johnny.

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To Kill a Mockingbird

Goes Marching by whetherwoman
Scout is all grown up, with children of her own, and her son wants to join the march in Selma. Even though I knew where this was going, it still hit me like a freight train, and I cried through the whole latter part of it. Beautifully true to Scout and what Atticus taught her. *sniffle*


Dr. Seuss

Out of the Dark by [livejournal.com profile] technosage
A very clever and creepy extrapolation from One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish - the whole thing is brilliant.



Unspoken, the Name for Home by allie
He had returned to the house over and over again, to be healed and to be taught, and perhaps he and his held as much claim over it as did Ogion. Perhaps it had merely stayed in the family. Beautiful look at the routine quietness of ordinary life after the events of Tehanu, a lovely respite between extraordinary events for Ged, Tenar, and Tehanu.


Little Women

Comfort and Joy by Essie
Laurie and Beth have a secret conversation. Could fit perfectly into canon while still making Beth feel like a real girl with very real hopes and fears. Very sweet and absolutely heartbreaking. *sniffle* You might need to put this story in the freezer. Have tissues handy, at any rate.


The Sound and the Fury

Clean by Helarctos
This is awesome. I really like the echoes of Faulkner's language, but somewhat removed, as Shreve is not a Southerner, or a Compson, and doesn't think in Quentin's circumlocutions, though they carry him away when he tells Quentin's stories. I also like young Quentin's repudiation of her alleged father, and the way she reacts negatively to having her mother left out of the story. Wonderful. Shreve’s image of his Quentin (surely false), noble and lovely and doomed, leaping off a bridge in the name of forbidden love; her own image of Quentin-who-was, trumpeting his defiance to the world in a final act of repudiation. All of it was wrong and Mother was nowhere in it, which was the most wrong thing about it. In the world the girl knew, her mother was everywhere, unseen and seldom to be invoked but a constant presence in the minds of all the family, like God or like death.

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Fried Green Tomatoes
Wild Honey by [livejournal.com profile] sanj
Wonderful Ruth/Idgie with sparkling, flirty dialogue that's spot on. Warm and lovely.

Obligation by Ion Bond
Idgie and Ruth, after Ruth comes back. Sweet, delicate, true. (from yuletide 2005.)


Bull Durham by [livejournal.com profile] florahart
The Joy as it Flies
I love this story so much. It's just...so TRUE to the movie and to the nature of the characters. Crash and Annie sound so like themselves here, and the touches of baseball make it feel real. Wonderful.


Little Women
A Stitch In Time by Sternel
Lovely slice of life in with the March sisters and Laurie. Really nails the characters.

Every Evil Its Good: Part I and Part II by [livejournal.com profile] mctabby
She is twenty-one when her best friend asks her to be his wife and she refuses him. Twenty-six years will pass before she faces that choice again.
Jo and Laurie, after the series, face the sorrows and joys life brings. So very much in character, and full of love and heartbreak and hope. Part III is on the way, I hope.

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Little Women
Set Thine Heart Toward the Highway by [livejournal.com profile] elynross
Laurie has doubts about his marriage, Amy knows eavesdroppers never hear well of themselves, and Jo and her Professor prove to be exceptionally well-matched after all. I admit to being a diehard Jo/Laurie shipper, but this story just *completely* captures the tone of the books and the characters' voices, and could so easily be a missing chapter that I'm stunned. Just amazing.

The Prickling of Snow by [livejournal.com profile] pearl_o
Oh, poor Laurie, doomed to have his hopes dashed. This is a lovely evocation of Laurie as he grows and falls in love with Jo.

On Growing Up by [livejournal.com profile] elynrae
Jo can't leave things the way they are with Laurie before he leaves. Oh, this one hurts, and it feels as though it should totally be part of the book, because it still bothers me that she did leave it that way.

A Different Road by [livejournal.com profile] loligo
An alternate (and far better, imo) ending for Little Women. Jo is dying inside after Beth's death and upon his return from Europe, Laurie has the perfect solution. A story that made the Jo/Laurie shipper in me so very happy.


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