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Could End Up A Story by [archiveofourown.org profile] girl_wonder
Chloe Sullivan gets sent to Gotham to do a puff piece on Bruce Wayne and ends up breaking a story about Lex Luthor. Gritty and smart. I love this fearless, bitter Chloe a lot. (AU)

Empty Places by [livejournal.com profile] ficbyzee
Ridiculously hot story in which Tim and Kon have sex in the Batcave.

Five Times Batman Got It Wrong by [personal profile] irrelevant
Lovely, understated story of Batman not quite getting it, and also Superman's (totally requited) crush on him. Aw, Batman, just give in to the inevitable. It's less painful and more fun that way.

Minute of Angle by [archiveofourown.org profile] hradzka
Jim Gordon, remaking his family. Jim Gordon wanted his brother's wife, once.

It was years ago and he moved away and she's dead now but he remembers the way her hair shone red against her bridal white that day when he was fresh back from the service in his uniform. She smiled at him, and kissed his cheek, and he was lost.

He lost more, later: his brother, a friend, a hometown he can't visit or even think of without feeling sadness and a deeper shame. He gained something else when Roger and Thelma died, the night Roger drove drunk into the path of an oncoming semi.

He's wanted his daughter in his life for fourteen years.

She calls him "Uncle Jim."

Jim's thankful for what he has.

On the third day... by [livejournal.com profile] basingstoke
"Come on," Clark said.

"Fetch me another setting, would you, dear?" Ma said.

"I can't stay," Batman said.

"Sure, Ma!" Clark got Batman a mug, plate, and silver, and Ma poured the coffee and served everyone up a piece of apple pie for breakfast.

Clark and J'onn sat down. Batman lurked.

The perfect coda to "Comfort and Joy." Batman shows up at the farm, and even he can't resist Ma and Pa Kent. ♥

Scare Crows, Not Crispus by [archiveofourown.org profile] Satchelfoot
I really enjoyed this bit of squadroom banter - Cris Allen tells Renee Montoya about his first case with the MCU. Oh, heart.

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Batman Begins/Ugly Betty

Betty and the Bat by [livejournal.com profile] wrigleyfield
Alfred hires Betty Suarez to be Bruce Wayne's new assistant. "I think I'm almost glad that this is it. I-I mean, when it comes to rich people doing weird things, this has got to be normal. A-At least it's… useful." I am not sure if this is complete or if it's going to continue, but it reaches a fairly satisfying end point, as it stands, and it's all pretty freaking adorable.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter

Every Farthing of the Cost (Dingoes Ate My Baby remix) by [livejournal.com profile] meredevachon
The original is one of my favorite crossovers, and this remix is a lovely look at the story from Oz's pov.


Supernatural/American Gods

The Great God Pan Is as Dead as Disco by [livejournal.com profile] sophiap
Really fantastic crossover with "American Gods" - captures the feel of the book really well. Mr. Nancy and the nameless Trickster bet and speculate about the Winchesters, who don't realize they've caught the eye of some older gods.


Supernatural/Gilmore Girls

You Don't Have to Be Crazy to Work Here (But It Helps) by [livejournal.com profile] kellifer_fic
Adorable Sam Winchester/Jess Mariano story (yes, you read that right), where they work in a record shop together the summer after Sam's freshman year at Stanford.



The Only Thing We Have To Fear (The All In The Family Overdub) by [livejournal.com profile] hossgal
Fantastic remix from Death's POV, really captures all the Endless, and I especially love the relationship Death and Dean develop, and the confrontation between Death and Desire. Really excellent work. *hearts*



Its Hour Come Round (The Paradigm Shift Remix) by [livejournal.com profile] medie
Lovely look at Chloe as she uncovers the truth about Sam and the supernatural, and introduces him to aliens in the process.

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Grey's Anatomy/Sports Night
Dry, With a Twist by [livejournal.com profile] fox1013
Addison Montgomery meets Dan Rydell in a bar. Witty conversation overlays loneliness. I love how they can't quite connect. Lovely.


Good Omens/Harry Potter
Once More With Feeling by [livejournal.com profile] xylodemon
Absolutely AWESOME HP/GO crossover. Heaven and Hell suit up for round two of the apocalypse, and this time, Hell's got a wily plan. Aziraphale and Crowley team up with Harry Potter to thwart it. Dead on characterization, deft handling of the xover, heaps of fun.


Unhappy the Land That Has No Heroes by [livejournal.com profile] alizarin_nyc
Dean's out of his depth, Angel can't resist a new mission, and Faith's still trying to make a place for herself. Hotness ensues. I really like the desperation and melancholy threading through this.


All Circles Warming Up by k.
"That wasn't a demon. That was something else. Do you really believe in demons?" "You don't? You were after a green glowing blob thing but somehow demons makes me the crazy one." Dean and Chloe meet, snark, and have hot sex. Mmm...tasty.


Dewey Decimal and Other Mysteries of Note by [livejournal.com profile] minim_calibre
Butch lesbian!Dean/Velma from Scooby-Doo. No, seriously. And it *works*.

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Battlestar Galactica (2003)
I Saw You Once, Medusa by [livejournal.com profile] queenofthorns
I had no intention of reading BSG fic, but this was recced on my flist and it's a sharp, intense look at Admiral Cain - and the other characters through her eyes. Chilling and smart. Pre-Resurrection Ship II.


Brokeback Mountain
Recompense by [livejournal.com profile] dorkorific
Heartbreaking look at Jack and Ennis's fishing trips, from Jack's POV. Sharp like broken glass against your heart.


An Ever-Present Help by [livejournal.com profile] mjules
Susan has doubts. Lovely look at how Susan could have started on the road to ending up where she did.


Metropolis Girls by [livejournal.com profile] hth_the_first
Chloe and Lana are in college and Lex shows up and it’s so fucking hot, and yet shot through with a wistful ache, a sadness that’ll never be remedied. There are some typos and such, but not enough to outweigh the ungodly hotness of it all.

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Gilmore Girls

Five Things That Never Happened To Lorelai Victoria Gilmore by [livejournal.com profile] fairy_tale_echo
Five very different, very possible outcomes for Lorelai and Rory.



Small Fish by FayJay
Beautifully bittersweet, sad and yet hopeful fic in which Dream (v.Daniel) visits Death, and Death thinks about how he isn’t Morpheus, but he’s still Dream. Lovely and poignant.



The Milk and Cookies War by Punk
Sweet, funny, playful and flirty fic in which Lex tries really hard (for some unknown reason) to resist Clark’s wiles.

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Cooking Considered As One of the Fine Arts by Caro and
Cooking Considered As One of the Fine Arts (Mother Knows Best Remix) by Beth S.
Martha’s POV and Lex’s on how Lex and Clark love each other and what a mother sees and knows about her son, and wants what’s best for him, even if it turns out to be the slightly freaky bald millionaire next door. Plus, cookies!

Lemonade (The Cool Refreshing Drink Remix) by Corinna
Lovely Martha-Lex interlude. I especially like the way Corinna contrasts Martha’s wealthy Metropolis upbringing with her life as Mrs. Kent, farmer’s wife, and then again parallels it to Lex’s life. I also just really enjoy Martha-Lex interaction.

No Pace Perceiv’d (the shook up Shakespeare version) by HYPERfocused
I really like the rat-a-tat-tat nature of Lois’s thoughts in this; the way she loves Clark is clear as glass. And Clark mourns his past love with delicacy and restraint.

Rebuilding Pinocchio: A Real Boy Funky Remix by Mara Celes
It’s got action, it’s got comedy, it’s got Clex and it’s got cookies. What more do you want? I enjoyed this a lot, especially the last scene, with Jonathan and Martha’s conversation breaking in on Clark and Lex’s.

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Not Fade Away (Key of Life Remix) by Lar
Harsh, bittersweet Dawn/Faith with a really good Dawn voice. I liked it a lot.

A Few Things Anya Knows (The Billy Pilgrim Remix) by Hepcat
First off, I’m so jealous of the clever Remix title. I wish I’d come up with it. *g* Secondly, what a gorgeous story of how Anya deals with change, with life, with love and with death. A celebration of life in the face of death, and yes, sometimes beautiful does mean red, wrinkled and squalling. I like the structure, the way the story, like Billy Pilgrim, is unstuck in time, moving back and forth between now, then, and later. Jossed by Chosen, of course, but still, a beautiful story of love and hope.

Keeping in Touch (the Two Times Two Remix) by Sängerin
Another post-series AU, this one positing Giles and Xander as the only survivors, it tracks Giles’ path through the new Watchers’ Council hierarchy and through him we follow Xander’s progress around the world, until they meet again. Understated, poignant and nicely in character.



An Englishman In Smallville (The Legal Alien Extended Remix) by RivkaT
I almost didn’t rec this because of the dismissive and denigrating attitude toward Xander (sub-par? sub-normal? WTF? Even if the author thinks that, there’s no way Giles does), but it is a fun romp through two worlds that really don’t go together, except they sort of do, if pseudo-small-town weirdness is a measure. The Lex-Willow and Buffy-Clark interactions are priceless and I just love Lex taking it all in, accepting demons and witches with his usual curiosity and aplomb.



Apr. 30th, 2004 01:21 pm
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Meanwhile, Back in Metropolis by Punk
Okay, marvel at the complete unexpectedness of me reccing a long, second person, present tense fic. Except that, you know, it’s Punk, which means it’s funny, smart, touching and beautifully in character. Plus, giant sandworms and Lex geeking out. Wonderful.

Rainbow Sign by Rivka T.
Clark is college, and he’s told his bevy of beautiful roommates that Lex is his boyfriend. He hasn’t managed to clue Lex into this, though, and he thinks he’s still keeping his big secret as well. But Lex knows more than Clark thinks he does. This story is sweet, funny, and hot, and it never loses sight of the danger Clark is in.

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Sports Night/Smallville
Networking by shrift
Danny! Danny and Lex! Utter snark and hotness all in one story, and it doesn’t ignore Clark or Casey or the difficulties of having a one night stand for men as in the public eye as Lex and Danny. And did I mention the hot? *is shallow*

A quote:
Lex's fingers closed around his wrist, hands warm and dry, and the tips of his fingers a little harder than Dan would have expected. He tugged Dan closer, and Dan had a moment to realize that Lex was left-handed before he began to write. The pen Lex used was an old-fashioned kind, dark ink spilling out of the sharp tip as it caught and scratched over his skin, staining it in bold loops. It was a weird thing to be turned-on by, the feel of being written on, someone's warm fingers snug around the bones of his wrist. The ink glistened on his skin. Lex bent over his forearm, pursed his lips, and blew a warm puff of air over the words until they dried.



Sports Night
Somebody Who Outdrew You by circusgirl
So I asked why there wasn’t much good Dana/Casey out there, and [livejournal.com profile] callmesandy recced this gem to me, and oh my god. So good. So painful. So... in character. It should work, Dana thinks, but somehow, there’s always something not quite right, and but it’s really hard to let it go. Beautiful and real.

and a quote )

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Something Ritual by Slodwick
Oh wow.

Heartrending. Vivid, suffocating, evocative, stunning... I'm running out of adjectives. There are a couple of tense changes in odd places, but even that doesn't detract. Just an amazing bit of writing - I could see everything so clearly. The prose was spare and sharp, the emotions real and palpable. Absolutely amazing work.


Like Magic by Amy
Wicked Fic! Woo! Amy takes the delicate yet enduring and complicated relationship between Galinda and Elphaba and makes it tangible; you'll ache for them both while reading this set of linked drabbles, because the language is both precise and elliptical, and wonderfully evocative in the bargain.

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And Warrior Angel Makes Three by zahra
Lex steels himself for Superman’s costume with a sleeve of Oreos and some Warrior Angel comics. Snarky and sweet and Lex, through and through.

The Calm Before (The Modern Prometheus Remix) by Rana Eros
Another story on my list that somehow never made the transition to the actual page. Huh. Anyhow...

"It begins with a storm, your life and the weather." Come on! You know a story with a first line like that is going to be good. And this is – short, evocative, sexy – Lex and Clark reveal their secrets in an oblique conversation that says everything that needs saying, without a word to spare.

A Christmas Tale v. 2.0 by zahra
I apparently have a thing for Lex reading comics and eating Oreos, so it’s a really good thing zahra writes about it, and does it so very, very well. Lex is alone on Christmas Eve, and he’s pretty put out with Clark about it. But it all works out in the end.

Role Playing by Hope ([livejournal.com profile] rosenho)
A lovely, *true* Pete/Chloe fic that made me feel for Pete so much. Hope really gets inside his head, and oh, he'd be so good for Chloe, if she'd just give up on Clark.


Smallville/Gilmore Girls
Smart Is Sexy by Amy
Paris Geller meets Chloe Sullivan. I asked for this, and boy, did Amy deliver. Paris doesn’t know why Chloe likes her, and when Chloe kisses her she gets so buzzed, although she could never tell whether it was from the caffeine, the alcohol, or the kiss. Love the smart, insecure, socially awkward journalist girls!

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Five Lies Your Mother Never Told You by Caro
Five things that never happened in Smallville, and Caro just hits on all cylinders, bringing "What If" to new, hurtful, incisive levels for the women of Smallville.

Smallville/The Muppet Show
Lovers and Dreamers by Amy
Smallville meets the Muppet Show. No, really. It works brilliantly. Sexy bald billionaire Lex Luthor has just purchased the ever-foundering Muppet Theatre, thus sending Kermit, Miss Piggy, head writer Chloe Sullivan, and stagehand Clark Kent into a tizzy. Piggy comes up with a Sekrit Plan that, of course, backfires, Lionel hangs out with Waldorf and Statler, and the jokes fly fast and furious.

"Where's Gonzo?" he asked them.

"I think he's talking to the celery again," Rizzo said.

Camilla squawked.

"I'm sure he likes you more than the vegetables," Kermit promised the distraught chicken. "Celery doesn't have feathers."

Why are you still reading the rec? Go read the story!
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Art of War (Art of Art logoRhythmic Mix) by zvi
A lovely Clexy fic that took a really sweet drabble by Livia Penn and worked it into something longer while keeping the same sweet pointedness about the differences between Luthors and Kents.

Gifts (Edge of Seventeen Remix) by Hope
I really like the original by Pearl-o, and this remix turns it around and gives Lex's POV, and does it with sharp, clear prose that I envy.

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Delight by Katie Vicieli
I should be ashamed. And I would be, if this weren't so damn hot. Edmund experiences the riches of the Tisroc. Guh.


Hee! I thought I wasn't going to have any SV recs, simply because I haven't read any SV fic recently, but then Bethy came through at the eleventh hour with this beautiful Jonathan vignette:
Of Man's Desiring by Beth
Gets right to the heart of Jonathan Kent; we learn just why he is the way he is, and how much he loves his son and his wife.



Feb. 21st, 2003 10:21 am
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Expectations by Beth
The absolute hands-down, knee-slappingest, side-splittingest, pants-peeingest MPREG story ever. See Superman in a muumuu! Watch Lionel Luthor meet his match! Be Amazed when Toby finally freaks out. Plus, Sparky the Kent Goat makes a special, uncredited appearance.

This is the only way MPREG should ever be written, and really, after this, nothing more ever need be done on the subject.

The Lost Bizarre Ass Rituals of a Kryptonian Boy by Beth
This fic should be in the comedy Hall of Fame simply for the title. And the whisk. And Martha’s response to the whisk. Read and laugh, and send Bethy some love.

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When I was a kid, I always said "January" "Janjuberry." I don't know why.

Now that you have some personal information about me you didn't want or need, recs:

Coming to Town
by Ingrid
Okay, so I"m a month late on this one. Still, you can't go wrong with a good Christmas story, and this definitely is one. Sometimes wishes do come true. All you need is a little faith.

Freshman Orientation by Punk
Clark maneuvers through buying books and freshman dorms, and loving Lex. Beautifully realized and so very true. Anyone who's gone to college or been in love will recognize themselves and their story in this fic.

Look and See by Livia
Chloe and Clark, Lois and Superman. Secret identities and blindness to what's right under their noses. Love this fic. It's hilarious and something that I would *love* to see in Smallville's future.

Go. Read. Send love.


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Come and get 'em.

Belief by Brighid
Gorgeous, low key future story, pondering the effects of Lionel's death on Lex

Burden by Jen K.
Very hot Clex story with a heartbroken Clark asking Lex to take his burdens from him.

Glitter by Hope
Smallville fandom is full of clubbing fics, but this one actually works for me. Or maybe it’s the kilt. There’s Lex in leather and a dance club that used to be a church ::coughLimelightcough:: and sweaty, sexy bodies writhing on a dance floor. Whew.

The Gloves by Kathe
Chloe ruminates on gloves and gifts. Subtle and sharp.

I Stopped Looking and Then Just Crashed by Kathe
Lex and Chloe as close friends, and then more. You know, I wish real life would happen like this, and I definitely wish we could see this on the show. Kathe does the best Chloe out there.

Reduced By One by Isilya
Clark dreams, and it’s hot. Isilya draws you in with evocative sensory descriptions without losing the dreamy feel.

And that's all for tonight, folks.

Go. Read. Send love.

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Haven't had a lot of time to read, and I still owe much feedback, but here are some recs, so I don't feel completely useless...

Almost Dawn by Justine
Martha waits up and learns about Clark's secret. Wonderful Martha-voice

Cotton by Vera
Martha and Lex have a chat as she hangs out the wash.

In the Mirror by Rebecca.
Lex teaches Chloe about lingerie. NC-17. Very hot.

The Martinelli Affair by Linda Seaton
Thank Hope ([livejournal.com profile] rosenho) for this one. I wouldn't have read it if she hadn't recced it, and I'm glad I did. Chloe, Lex and a bottle of apple cider. Sharp, bittersweet, in character. Just a lovely little story, the type of which Smallville fandom needs more.

Go. Read. Enjoy. Send Feedback.


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First set of recs. It's been a while...

All links open in a new window.


The Autumn People by Jenn
Chloe and Lex and everything that ever went wrong with them and Clark on a rainy night in Metropolis. Sharp, bitter, and extremely, sadly possible.

Brink Pink by Kathe
Post-Tempest Chloe vignette, in which Chloe deals with her feelings about Clark leaving her at the dance. Dead-on Chloe voice.

Drowning in Syrup by Pearl-O
Chloe learns the truth about coming home. Just pitch-perfect Chloe characterization.

A Good Year for the Corn by Beth
Jonathan protects his family in this chilling little ficlet. Why does Kent corn grow so well?

Immanence by Sarah T.
A beautiful, acid-etched portrait of regret, as Clark and Lex meet one more time, in Marrakech.

Immortality by Grail
Feel your heart break as Clark makes the only decision he thinks he can live with, and one that will haunt him forever. Simply stunning, an emotional wrecking ball.

Intellectual Discourse by Pearl-o
Clark and Lex discuss philosophy. Does personality really determine destiny?

Sky Blue by Tara LJC
Another "Chloe contemplates Kansas" story, and in this one, she comes to peace with both her hometown and her old high school sweetheart. Delicate and lovely.

Syzygy by Jenn
Clark and Lex discussing philosophy in the desert. Wonderful look at the future in a way that makes sense of both Smallville and Superman canon and cuts like a razor - no
pain until you think about it, and then it hurts so very much.

Vector by Hope
Sharp, bitter, achingly perfect Chloe/Lex story that shows exactly what these two could do to each other.

Watch It Fade by Pearl-o
Exquisite, wistful Clark/Lex vignette that captures the almost sacred nature of their friendship (confessor and confessee) as well as Lex's yearning for his lost mother.

Go. Read. Enjoy. Send Feedback!

And Happy Friday!




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